Festival Organization

Stockholm Literature is an independent initiative organized by the non profit organization Föreningen Stockholms Litteraturfestival, with Moderna Museet as its key partner, and The Royal Dramatic Theater as its permanent partner. 


Malin Nasiell, Festival Manager

Yukiko Duke, Artistic Director

Sara Henrikson, Press & Communications
in close co-operation with Catrin Lundqvist, Curator Moderna Museet

Artistic Board
Kristoffer Leandoer (writer, translator and critic)
Lina Kalmteg (writer and cultural journalist)

Daniel Sjölin (writer and former host for the literary tv-show Babel)


The Board of Stockholm Literature
Jonas Modig (Chairman)

Malin Nasiell (Vice Chairman)

Ann-Louise Gustavsson

Ann-Sofi Noring
Magnus Florin

Stockholm Literature was founded in 2013 by Stefan Ingvarsson and Margareta Petersson.

Photo: Yukiko Duke (Artistic Director), Catrin Lundqvist (Curator) and Malin Nasiell (Festival Manager) by Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet.








After five years Stockholm Literature has established itself as an ambitious annual cultural event in Stockholm. Despite major success and brilliant reviews, the festival has had difficulty finding enough financiers. The non-profit association behind the festival has therefore chosen to postpone this year's edition. 

Stockholm Literature introduces and highlights international literature and translation in dialogue with other art forms. The program features on-stage talks, lectures, readings, performances and poetry walks through art.


"Literature and art exist close to each other. It is important to remind ourselves of this - the festival will be a chance to see what happens when they are brought together." Daniel Birnbaum, Director Moderna Museet


Stockholm Literature 27-29 October 2017

The following authors will participate in this year’s festival:

Johanna Adorján (Germany), the 2017 PO Enquist Prize winner Johannes Anyuru (Sweden), Julian Barnes (Great Britain), Petina Gappah (Zimbabwe), Hakan Günday (Turkey), Mohsin Hamid (Pakistan), Daniel Harding (Great Britain), Sergey Lebedev (Russia), Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir (Iceland), Hito Steyerl (Germany), Lise Tremblay (Canada) and Kjell Westö (Finland).

They talk to Daniel Birnbaum, Magnus Bärtås, Jason Diakité, Yukiko Duke, Kristoffer Leandoer, Ida Linde, Ann-Sofi Noring, Julia Peirone, Agneta Pleijel, Daniel Sjölin och Cecilia Uddén. The festival will also feature an installation and accompanying performance by the artists Leif Elggren and Carl Michael von Hausswolff and concerts with KammarensembleN.

For the first time, the PO Enquist Literary Prize will be presented at Stockholm Literature, in association with Norstedts Förlag. This year’s winner is Johannes Anyuru. The awarding of the Prize will be followed by a talk with the winner.


The Translation of the Year Award 2016 will be awarded on 27 October, in collaboration with the Translators’ Section of the Swedish Writers’ Union. The prize goes to Kajsa Öberg Lindsten, for her translation from Russian of Andrei Platonovs Chevengur (Ersatz).

Stockholm Literature takes a break - evaluates in 2018.

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